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Why should you join?


The biggest reason why you should join MOZ is that you’ll find brotherhood and comradery to last you for the rest of your life.


If you’ve been thinking about possibly joining a fraternity, we want to show you how it might be the right thing for you. At the very least, we can talk about some of the great things that can come from joining ours.


Let’s just get the easiest and most cliché benefit out of the way. If you join our fraternity, there’s a very good chance you’re getting yourself invited to a whole bunch of parties. It comes with the territory.


Having a lot of fraternity brothers, you will naturally get invited to events and parties. This is a perfect example of the networking aspect that comes with joining a fraternity. (More on networking later).

Keep in mind that we aren’t all about beer kegs and bedsheets-turned-into-togas. That said, a big part of the university experience is socialization, and we make that part a lot easier. That’s a good thing.



What’s really great about our fraternity though is the sense of comradery and brotherhood.

Once you have pledged, and later fully joined, the fraternity, your brothers will be your brothers for life. When you are at a university, you will think of your fraternity brothers like family. You will all know each other, look out for each other, support each other, and have fun with each other.

Of course, you may not like every one of your brothers. That said, they are still your fraternity brothers, and you should have mutual respect for one another.

Having a friend to share life with is one of the best aspects of living. Having a brother to explore life with is a true gift on this Earth.

A Sense of Identity


On top of that legacy of accomplishments and benefits, you’re also gaining a sense of identity to add onto your own.

If you’re considering joining a fraternity, you have to look around and do your research to see which fraternity fits you the best. For instance, we care about the environment and put an emphasis on social life and special events. If that’s not your thing maybe we aren’t right for you.

Each fraternity has a different persona attached to it.

Community Service

But being a part of a fraternity is not all fun and games. There’s some serious work that needs to be done too. Our mission is to do good for the communities around us. If you’re looking for a reason why you should join a fraternity that doesn’t involve parties and social life, this could be it.

We are an environmental frat. This means that we not only enjoy social events, but also philanthropic ones as well. And as a brother, we expect you to put in some work.

Post-Grad Experiences

That brings us to our next point, post-grad life. Being a part of a fraternity doesn’t just end at the graduation ceremony. When you join a fraternity, you’re hopefully joining for life.

That brotherhood that we first talked about doesn’t just die once you’ve thrown your cap in the air. You should be able to stay in touch with your brothers for years to come. This is especially true now that we have chapter websites and social media.

On top of that, MOZ have regular post-grad/alumni meetings to talk about fundraising, and for community service projects.

And this point coming up may be the most important one.








Let’s not forget that if you join MOZ, you are joining a large network of individuals already working in multiple careers.

Your pledge brothers will all grow up. Make sure to stay connected with them as you graduate and split paths, because you never know what those connections can do for you later. You could be pledging along with a future Congressman or a Fortune 500 CEO.

Knowing people can get you through doors, and to new opportunities. Being a part of a network like a MOZ isn’t a bad career move. In fact, it’s a very good one.

Lasting Memories

But most of all, the biggest reason why you should join a MOZ is that you will have lasting memories for the rest of your life.

From pledging, to student life, to post-grad life, you will experience many highs and lows thanks to your fraternity brothers.

Those memories will make part of your life some of the happiest, strangest, and funniest you will ever have. We don’t like the idea of your college years being “the golden years,” but there is some truth to the idea that time spent with your brothers will be cherished memories one day.