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Mu Omicron Zeta Association is an environmentally conscious fraternity established in 1992. Mu omicron Zeta was originally created by four founding members (Frank Sotelsek, Dave Robichaud, Phillip Muller and christopher Hamacher).Today, after 30 years of existence, it has grown into a proud local organization with over 200 International Members and non international members. 

Mu omicron Zeta is proud to be an inclusive organization. We have members of all ages, Races, Religion and sexual orientation. We accept members from all of Montreal’s finest Universities (Mc Gill,Concordia and UDEM); as well as a couple non student members. Our Goal is to represent and enrich the Local Montreal community that we are so proud to be a part of.

However The key to our continued growth is you! Mu Omicron Zeta is actively searching for sponsors to donate cash,promotional items and gift certificates to help run future events. Every little bit helps, If you’re organization would like to start a mutually beneficial partnership with our organization. Call 514-249-6971- or email for more information.